The Gracious Path Series


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Timely - When everything around us appears in turmoil, when people shout each other down with their entrenched views, a positive book comes along that expresses kindness, respect, decorum, and LOVE. This is the perfect time for a new book from Dr. Jane N. Geiger, RESPECTFUL RELATING.

When we learn how to relate respectfully to others - even those whose views are polar opposites from our own - everyone benefits. We increase our value as a team player and our chances of holding onto a job. We strengthen already good relationships and heal broken relationships. We cultivate harmony in our homes and in the community. Even more important, we find a sense of peace within ourselves that ultimately will help make the world a better place.

Through inspiring and uplifting prose, concrete tools and pages for reflection, RESPECTFUL RELATING gives the reader both the ideas and tools to move from fear to courage, denial to honesty, pride to humility, and disdain to love and respect.


Hopeful - With special days approaching, accompanied by a feeling of sadness, dread or stress, along comes this helpful guide of hope.

This encouraging book speaks to all who need a gracious path to holiday sanity. This year-round guide from counselor, minister and coach, Dr. Jane N. Geiger, is your companion for HANDLING DIFFICULT HOLIDAYS.

This book compassionately addresses specific holiday needs with concrete solutions, creative prose and encouraging wisdom. Dr. Geiger's Gracious Path for the holidays includes: 

  • Compassion for grief and loss, including Alzheimer's and other ambiguous losses
  • A welcoming embrace for singles and holiday workers
  • Peaceful solutions to chronic family stress
  • Fresh ideas for tired traditions
  • Refreshment for weary hosts and tired travelers
  • Grace for the unmet longings of the divorced, stepfamilies, and singles who long for a relationship
  • Financial wisdom for spending sanity


Finally, a book that cuts through the talk and addresses the overwhelming emotions that come with personal and family financial distress. Dr. Jane N. Geiger believes that people are more powerful than the limits of their portfolio, and in this book she gives you the tools to overcome whatever personal financial situation you are experiencing. Moving Past Money Pain will help you to cope with the shock, confusion, and sorrow you may be feeling in these uncertain economic times. You will learn how to deal with doubt, depression, and anger - and how to move forward with hope and toward redemption. 

Moving Past Money Pain will challenge you in a thought-provoking manner, regardless of your social or economic status, ethnicity, gender, political orientation, or educational level. If you are one of the countless thousands coping with the lingering burden of financial distress, this book will not only help you overcome your money pain, but move past it to a life once again filled with hope and Joy.



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