The Respect Project


It began with a dinner party . . .

a table of opponents passing platters and propaganda. Ideas out, but gloves on.

The impassioned exchanged ideas with fervor, respectfully.


It grew to decades of dinner parties -- chili nights filled with words from the Left and the Right -- frothy Republicans, charged Democrats, and the politically apathetic.

Catholics, Protestants, Buddhists, and those damaged by dead religion shared pain, hope.

The faithless listened . . . some bored, some curious.

Gays and lesbians shared their histories and views with those who misunderstood them, hated their behavior, and judged their acts as sin.

Prior to dinner, all guests agreed to check persuasion and judgment at the door

Enemies came to eat.

Allies-in-training left . . . informed, humbled, gracious . . . and, fed.


It began with a dinner party.

It became a book.


This book is our gift to you.


If your school has been turned upside down by disrespect and bullying, please receive this book as a tender text.

If your daily journal is journalism, the media, blessed with the power of pen or voice,

please take this tool as a reference for a reporter who needs a source.

If your family has been devastated, left to mourn the loss of a child or family member,

please receive this book as a healing balm.

If your church needs a written tool to stir the soul,

please accept our offering.

If you have considered suicide, sought any form of relief for your pain,

may this book empower you to stay alive, hold on.

If you observe the harmful impact of disrespect on an innocent victim

could this book become an invitation to act, to intervene?


The Book –

Respectful Relating: The Gracious Path

to Loving the People You Don’t Understand


The Respect Project –


It began as a dinner party in 1990.

20 years later, it became a book.


Grace to you on your healing path . . . from all of us at Grace Ministries, Inc.

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