About The Writer's Cup of Grace

Grace Ministries, the nonprofit organization founded by Dr. Jane N. Geiger, M.A., in 1996, in Birmingham, AL, was created to provide the highest quality and the most practical help to people in need, without the demand for a high fee-for-service exchange.  Grace Ministries provides Christian counseling, education, training, executive coaching, and relational guidance to individuals, families, company leaders, board members, and all people who seek to overcome life’s obstacles in pursuit of redemption, growth, insight, and healing.  Grace Ministries is, and has always been, inclusive.  Grace Ministries extends grace to all.  Writer’s Cup expands this gracious reach via the power of the pen paired with the affordability and convenience of high-quality, value-conscious books.

After 20 years of coaching and Christian counseling, and 15 years of directing this nonprofit organization, Dr. Jane N. Geiger has penned the fruits of years of harvest, yielding the Gracious Path Series of books.  All donations to Grace Ministries and the Writer’s Cup of Grace are tax-deductible.  Books have been affordably priced, and are released in soft cover -- paperback for recession sensibility, but packed with years of treasured wisdom.

The Writer’s Cup of Grace, the literary arm of Grace Ministries, Inc., has recently released the first three books in the Gracious Path series, authored by Dr. Jane N. Geiger,

Moving Past Money Pain: The Gracious Path to Overcoming Financial Distress and Loss, Respectful Relating: The Gracious Path to Loving the People You Don’t Understand and Handling Difficult Holidays: The Gracious Path to Overcoming Painful Times.