Stephanie Evans - Eagle Coach

Grace Ministries team is excited to have Stephanie Evans join the team. Stephanie is honored to be in a position to coach others through the ups & down of their journey.  She is passionate about personal growth and has developed her creative coaching style through obtaining certification from Lifeforming Leadership Coaching as well as many years of searching and experiencing her own unique path. 

Stephanie is a mother, partner, nurse, entrepreneur and former business owner.  Being a nurse for 20 years, working from coast to coast as well as participating in several international medical missions has given her a broad perspective.  She believes everyone has the potential to live a more fulfilling and peace filled life.

Stephanie is energized by helping others find strength and courage through discovering how to use the gifts God has given each one of us.

Education & Training credentials include:

  • *Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Southern Adventist University
  • *Certified Growth Coach, Lifeforming Leadership Coaching
  • *Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Certified Practitioner, Myers-Briggs Foundation
  • *Formational Prayer Certified, Ashland Theological Seminary