Eric J. Christian - Pastoral Counselor, Speaker & Eagle Coach

Eric and his wife, Genie, joined the Team Grace community in January 2016.

Eric is passionate about providing pastoral counseling for Individuals, Couples and Families. He provides a safe and comfortable environment where individuals and families feel comfortable sharing the most intimate aspects of their lives, WITHOUT judgment.

Eric wants to help you BUILD a strong foundation for the years to come. Premarital Counseling highlights relationship strengths, exposes incompatibilities and provides tools to build and maintain a better relationship. Premarital counseling offers a head start by addressing differences and enhancing strengths.

The 5 main goals of Premarital Counseling are to:

  • Improve communication
  • Learn how to resolve conflict
  • Help couples discuss their Family of Origin
  • Help couples with financial planning & budgeting
  • Focus on roles

Eric works to help couples move away from an unhealthy, disconnected, and often conflictual form of interaction to a safe, secure, and open form of attachment which is the basic goal of couple’s therapy. He gives all clients notes after each meeting so couples can implement what was highlighted during session, and make strides of improvement between appointments.

Marriage counseling is an important part of what Eric provides at Grace Ministries. He works with you in a very productive, relaxed, and GRACE focused approach. He greatly enjoys teaching how marriages are built, not found. If couples do not see or have hope then they won’t get the message of BUILDING a marriage, family and life. Therefore, he believes there is a great need for this message that focuses on strengthening marriages and families. There are no perfect families out there because there are no perfect people, but we can have strong ones.

Eric's one-day seminar includes 5 sessions that last approximately 45 minutes. Topics addressed include issues such as:

  • Conflict Resolution/Communication
  • Celebrating Our Differences
  • Finances
  • Raising Children to Become Great Adults
  • In-Law and Boundaries

As a John Maxwell certified trainer, speaker, and coach Eric is a highly rated expert in executive coaching and career coaching meeting the highly challenging needs of community leaders, corporate executives, C-suite leaders. Because Eric possesses over 12 years of business experience as a Vice President and Project Manager of a commercial construction company, which allows him to provide solutions by connecting the links between employees, customers, and profits. Therefore saving you money by achieving high levels of raving customers through employee ownership.

Eric is the author of Reckless Christian: You are accepted, loved, and liked by Christ. If your goal is to become better, you will be highly disappointed. We often set others and ourselves on a pedestal, and when they/we fall from this pedestal, it hurts, shames, and disappoints. If we stop with the pedestal mentality, it will not hurt as much when we fall. Scripture is clear we will fall. We will sin. We will screw up. However, there is good news…you will get better. We need to become completely irrelevant and stand in this world with nothing to offer but our own vulnerable self. That is the way Jesus came to reveal God’s love. Now, let us
celebrate and let the power of grace flow over all your mistakes and wrong choices.

If you would like to schedule counseling or coaching sessions with Eric, he can be reached at