Dr. Jane N. Geiger, M.A. - Founder & President, Counselor, Author, Celebrant, Mediator

Jane N. Geiger, M.A., D.Min., has been passionately enjoying her life as a full-time counselor, community leader, and client advocate for over 20 years.  Trained in Family Systems Therapy and Pastoral Care, Dr. Geiger has the experience and passion to provide effective pastoral counseling in the following areas: individual, couple, marital, divorce, premarital, family, church staff, corporate conflicts, troubled teens, and more.  As the Founder and President of Grace Ministries and the Writer’s Cup of Grace, Dr. Geiger is particularly gifted to work with other community leaders, educators, pastors, government officials, corporate officers, executives in transition, and, of course, stay-at-home moms, whom, we all know, are the leaders of everything! Dr. Geiger may be reached for both counseling and mediation sessions by appointment.  Please visit our Contact page to reach her.