GraceMinistries Board of Directors

  • Jane N. Geiger - President
  • Alicia L. Scott - VP, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Tom Ward - Executive Director
  • Danese Knott-Craig - Director
  • Rev. Ernie Willis - Director
  • Michele Willis - Director
  • Shannon Scott - Director

The Grace Ministries Board of Directors is made up of seven men and women who bring a broad base of occupations and work experience, an eclectic church background, and a diversity of gender, race, and ministry experience to effectively oversee and provide direction to the organization.  The Board directs the ministry by exercising good business judgment in a reasoned and informed manner including attending and recording regularly scheduled meetings.  The Board believes in and provides support for the ministry through monetary donations, patron contacts, and services.  The current Board members have work experience as administrators, attorneys, counselors, ministers, educators, sales & marketing professionals, engineers, and designers.  They include men and women of difference races and a broad variety of church affiliations and ministry experience.

In addition, Grace Ministries has a number of trusted Advisors that assist by providing legal, accounting, tax, and business advice. These Advisors are among Grace Ministries most generous patrons and long-term supporters.