People over policy
Beating hearts trump battered doctrine

People over politics
Your mind is your own

People over petty
We can major on the majors

People over poison
Toxic tongues, gross gossip

People over policing others' views
Your values, well examined, belong to you

People and their histories
Remain lovely, respectfully left intact

People and their thoughts
Captivating ideas, we all can learn

People and their holidays
Trees, candles, prayer mats...all holy

People and their garments
Buttoned, wrapped, swaddled in healthy diversity

People over fashion
Sarongs and suits, clothed in dignity

People over policy, policing and petty poison today
This message of valued hearts over elevated ideas

A banner of LOVE to wave this day...


Living People -- hearts, histories, stories
More valuable than doctrine, theology, beliefs

Good ideas are still good...always true
But, desktop in-boxes never bleed

But, people feel and fall, so lift them high above policy,
And may this GOOD DEED be returned to you!


p. 126 in Respectful Relating: the Gracious Path to Loving the People You Don't Understand by Rev. Dr. Jane N. Geiger, M.A.


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Split Patriot

On this Memorial Day weekend, we pay TRIBUTE to Uncle George and all who have served our country.....THANK YOU!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!  revdrjane + all staff, Board Members, intercessors and the worship team at Grace Ministries and Chattanooga Counseling & Mediation Center.

Split Patriot

I can feel my war-torn self

I used to be so single-minded...
Big Military
National Defense
Weapons Development
Americanism in any form
A Patriot to the core

Now, I just miss my soldier

My soldier, so strong and true
Committed, fierce, protective
Our future in that very life
Now gone

I can feel my uncivil self

I miss my civilian

I do not feel patriotic...just angry, confused, and sad
My perfectly folded banner, a woven triangle
Reminds me that it is here and you are not
I seem to be angry at it

I gave them my soldier
They gave me a triangle

This is the worst kind of grief
Military v. me...I am not winning
And, I feel like a traitor

I can feel my traitor self

I miss my Patriot

Could I really play all of these parts at the same time?
A loyal Patriot, exposed traitor, and grieving civilian?

Yes, I think I can, and maybe we could join forces

I invite my split self, the floating pieces of me
To come together, forming a solid core
Fused, melded, holding tight
Loyal Patriot, rebellious traitor, sad civilian
Military Mosaic

Now I am the Loyal Guard of the glass case
The place where reminders of your risk and care reside
You were never war-torn, always resolute and clear
You are helping me pull myself together

In honor of you, and the legacy you left behind
I let my heart heal in thanksgiving for all of the good
I am clear, strong, and solid about that, about you.

By Dr. Jane N. Geiger...a piece from Handling Difficult Holidays: the Gracious Path to Overcoming Painful Times. To purchase this All Year Long Go-to Guide, please visit or

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