Split Patriot...Independence Day

Another PATRIOTIC HOLIDAY is just around the corner, and our counseling practice is filled with women and men, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles,  wives and husbands, those who serve under "don't ask, don't tell" alongside Republicans and Democrats, and many more . . . so many war-torn families feeling very "split" -- feeling VERY LOYAL to their country with red, white and blue blood flowing strongly through their veins while their HEARTS ARE BREAKING!   Cup of sorrow.  Cup of joy.
This piece is for you ALL.  May your faith and family and friends hold you up while you honor the Flag, love your country, pray for your soldiers to make it home alive, and mourn the dead.  We are unified in our honesty.  It's ok to grieve out loud.  It's ok to love America while grieving so many losses.  This one's for you all. God bless America and its patriots in all forms.   -Dr. Jane N. Geiger

Split Patriot

I can feel my war-torn self

I used to be so single-minded...
Big Military
National Defense
Weapons Development
Americanism in any form
A Patriot to the core

Now, I just miss my soldier

My soldier, so strong and true
Committed, fierce, protective
Our future in that very life
Now gone

I can feel my uncivil self

I miss my civilian

I do not feel patriotic...just angry, confused, and sad
My perfectly folded banner, a woven triangle
Reminds me that it is here and you are not
I seem to be angry at it

I gave them my soldier
They gave me a triangle

This is the worst kind of grief
Military v. me...I am not winning
And, I feel like a traitor

I can feel my traitor self

I miss my Patriot

Could I really play all of these parts at the same time?
A loyal Patriot, exposed traitor, and grieving civilian?

Yes, I think I can, and maybe we could join forces

I invite my split self, the floating pieces of me
To come together, forming a solid core
Fused, melded, holding tight
Loyal Patriot, rebellious traitor, sad civilian
Military Mosaic

Now I am the Loyal Guard of the glass case
The place where reminders of your risk and care reside
You were never war-torn, always resolute and clear
You are helping me pull myself together

In honor of you, and the legacy you left behind
I let my heart heal in thanksgiving for all of the good
I am clear, strong, and solid about that, about you.



Surround Sound...Father's Day

Welcome to the BLOG LAUNCH for my new book, Handling Difficult Holidays, just published and available through our web site and at two local book stores.   In lieu of writing too much on this Friday before the Father's Day holiday weekend, I thought it best to simply post one piece from the book.  Please enjoy SURROUND SOUND, and may your weekend be meaningful and valuable, especially if grief will be part of your process.  May redemption come your way as you work through a difficult holiday.

Surround Sound

If your father pulled the stuffing
Out of your soft interior
In any way...

Sins of commission
Sins of omission

Hurtful words,
Attack on your character
Words left unspoken
At critical times of need

If this happened to you...
If this dual speaker stereo noise
Of loud acts of passive inaction...
noisy language or cruel silence
with both ways
causing pain

If this was your story
I have good news for you today
On Father's Day

This day I intend to pour some of that
Good filling back into your
Vacuous space...
The hole left

Please hear this airplay for you today in
Surround sound
Of all good words and spirit of kindness
In your honor

Screaming speaker blares the truth about you
Your kindness, care, and special ways
of being in the world
Giving yourself so freely to
People, causes, and good labor
Making a difference

Balancing speaker blends harmony, good equalizer
Of more good views of you, my friend
Your heart that is good, your ways of
Giving grace, speaking words of life
Your life of love and peace

Surround Sound vibe trumps one old voice

He must have done something right
Maybe modeled good work ethic or
Poured in good stuffing when
you were unaware.
But, it's there.

His mark may have left a blemish or shame
Negative impact, pain
But this day is new
Celebrating you,
Celebrating you!

Happy Father's Day
Acoustics, now in the right place
This day, pure joy, seeing you transcend
Old Father


Grace for all,


Site is Alive!

Welcome to our new website and thank you so much for visiting! We are so excited about the kind partnership of Karen Daniel at Red Tusk in the Atlanta, GA area. Big thanks to the Daniels and their team at Red Tusk ( We'll keep our site updated and active with news, pictures and events. Please don't hesitate to contact us - we would love to hear from you! And - THANKS again for visiting!


Welcome & Site Launch

Not new to writing - but new to blogging...Grace Ministries & Writer's Cup founder, Dr. Jane N. Geiger makes her entry into the blogging world. You'll appreciate the wit and wisdom of Dr. Geiger who has always wanted to be a published author. :-) Grace4u.

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