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The Pool Is Open

 It’s SummerTime, and the Pool is Open . . . 

Memorial Day brought pool openings, linen tops, wearing white, flags raised . . . dreams
Summer fun -- a break from school and schedules
For some, SummerTime brings a dive into the deep end of the pool . . .
The pool of pain

One couple cheered their daughter’s hopeful opportunities as they drove their
Fresh-faced FreshmanGirl to college . . .  to learn, grow, mature, and to have fun
She was having fun
Until he raped her

Now, SummerTime . . . a time to heal from the sophomore attack at the hands of
The “Southern Gentleman on campus” with the right suit, pocket square, breeding, legacy
Shattered trust
First formal, First gown
Now, Legitimate Fear, Lasting Shame . . . even though she said, “No!”
Seven times, at least, she said, “No!” --“No!” means “No.”
But, God
SummerTime brings healing, insight, wisdom, courage, and a BeautifulHeadHeldHigh
A head held high again, triumphant over one traumatic night
Several, hard fought-for victories trump one costly night . . . Priceless

SummerTime . . . a time to recover from an office affair
One woman’s neglect of the marriage, her own admission
One husband’s attention straying to the listening ear of an attentive girl
Two culpable parties, confessing and scheduling their marital counseling appointments
Afraid and courageous, Nervous and hopeful
Honestly Healing
We need you, Lord

The Deep End of the Pool is crowded at Grace Ministries, AL/TN/AZ, now, in 3 cities
The Shallow End of the Pool entertains the usual --
GardenVarietyCodependents, are still running for “Class Favorite,” unable to say, “No.”
People-pleasers who enter the Sanctuary of Grace, exhausted . . . it can’t be done
We cannot please everyone, God will not allow it
“I will have no other gods before me”
Not your spouse. Not your boss. Not your pastor. Not your children. Not yourself.
No means, “No.”

Thank you, Lord, for SummerTime which brings deep healing to the entire pool
Healing help in the deep end, the place of deep pain
Deliverance in the shallow end, the place of chronic idolatry . . .
Less traumatic than the deep end, but just as tragic . . . maybe more deadly

by dr. jane n geiger -- June 2014 – grace4ALTNAZ&Beyond

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