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How to Hail a Cab of...

How to Hail a Cab of . . .

You see it.  Here it comes.  Moving quickly. 

Yellow. Swerving through traffic.

Traffic is heavy.

It’s noisy.



Wait for it.

Wait for it.


Ooooooh no . . . there it goes . . . again!


Another cab gone.

One more cab gone.

“New York sucks,” you say.  Does it?  Does it, really?


You spotted it.

You stood there, waiting.

Did it go by, or did you fully hail that cab of joy?


Get ready.  This endeavor is not for sissies.

Ironically, finding joy, discovering delight, and living your bliss takes some serious effort. Grabbing joy is serious business.  We need stronger verbs.  In this case, we really DO need more cowbell.  It’s time for some serious substitutions, vital verbs . . .



Fight for

Go after it


Then, HOLD ON TIGHTLY to it like a mad woman, crazed with tenacity . . .


We don’t sit on the curb and wait for the cab to stop for us.  Well, we could, but that would make for a frustrating day, at a minimum.  What do we do?


We HAIL that thing! 

Then, we get in it for a RIDE!

Life is like this.  We have to hail that cab of joy.  Being intentional about grasping for a speeding cab of joy is not for the faint of heart.  You gotta dig in, get it done, and hold on. And, watch the heck out for the armies of people who will try to rob you of it!

We all have good days and bad days, great moments and sour times.  What separates the girls from the generals is the tenacity of the pursuit of happiness. Again, another powerful verb -- the PURSUIT of happiness.  Even happiness won’t land on us like a bug. 



Some things to ponder . . .

** Are you Results-Driven or Process-Driven? Both?

** Do you operate with an Internal or External Locus of Control?

** Meditate on the Good or Dwell on the Negative?

** Hold on to JOY, or is there a Break in the Cup?  (David Wilcox)

** Catalyst for Change and Growth or Pouting Passive Player?

** Great Gratitude or Bad Attitude?


Let’s take these one at a time . . .

Results v. Process

We are most happy when we take joy in the journey AND feel satisfied with good results.  Life is much sweeter when we maximize both, paying attention to the process in the moment while also becoming satisfied with the final outcome.  This falls under “Along the way, take time to smell the roses.”

Internal Locus of Control v. External Locus of Control

This is easier than it sounds.  If you can go to the family reunion and savor the heck out of laughs with Uncle Jerry, make memories with cousins WHILE minimizing the impact of the obnoxious date your sister brought, then you have an internal locus of control.  Way to go. Yes, it’s this simple. We really can make our own fun and savor the sweetness of life, but not without laser-focused intention and a flexible spirit.  If everyone else’s behavior determines your joy, then your external locus of control is driving your cab of joy in the opposite direction.  Take over. Lift your arm, and hail that cab. No one is going to do it for you, nor should they.

Holding on to JOY, or is there a Break in the Cup?

See David Wilcox’s lyrics to A Break in the Cup. A quick Google search, and you’re there.  Take action right now. GOOGLE it!


Catalyst for Change and Growth or Pouting Passive Player?

Again, ACTION VERBS win out here . . . REACH for, GRAB it, SEE the possibilities, and, Lord, there must be something stronger in this verb than we truly appreciate  . . . DAYDREAM!  #DreamBig&GoAfterYourDreamsUntilYouSoar!


Great Gratitude or Bad Attitude?

After you have hailed your cab, you get in it.  Right?  Do you savor the sights, soak up the experience?  Or, does the demon of dread get in your head?  More action verbs . . . KICK that negative attitude OUT of your head!  Kick it out!  Sure, you can be aware that the cab driver smells like a RestaurantGymComboGross, but you can savor the sights.  LordJesusOprahZen&ChaiTea, could we all learn to SAVOR the GOOD?  Let’s do it!

Yep, more action verb encouragement from Nike . . . JUST DO IT!

Dr. Jane N. Geiger and her staff hope to hail the cab with you.  Take action any time of day or night to schedule ActionVerbs at www.chattanoogacounselingandmediation.com  We’re doing all we can to hold tightly to joy, too. We’ll hail the cab, and ride alongside.

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