Alicia L. Scott

Chief Operations Officer, Board Secretary, Treasurer, Vice President & Coach

Alicia is a founding member of our community's nonprofit organization, and has been involved in community service from a young age. She currently serves Grace Ministries in several capacities - including COO, board secretary, treasurer, vice president and coach. She enjoys traveling and makes her primary home just north of Montgomery, AL. Alicia inspires by serving, helping, leading, and creating.

She has a wide range of career experience including international sales, team management, project/process management, operations, administrative consulting, coaching and more. Because of her experiences and the redeeming power of the Gospel, she has become a coach to those who find their shortcomings challenging. Some of her coaching specialties include team management, managing ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder), depression, projects, time/attention, conflict, goals and serving others effectively.

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She can be reached through our website contact page here.