Alicia L. Scott

Board Secretary & Vice President

Alicia Scott wears many hats, and she looks fabulous in all of them. She recently made a career change and works in International & US Sales for Hi-Tek Rations, a 27-year old family owned & operated manufacturer of premium pet foods. Alicia enjoys traveling and makes her primary home just north of Montgomery, AL. Alicia is a founding member of our community's nonprofit organization, and has been involved in community service since she was a child. Alicia inspires by serving, helping, leading, and creating.

The Writer's Cup of Grace welcomes you to all the books in the Gracious Path Series of books. Alicia Scott, quite literally, welcomes you with her selections of the front covers' "cup and hands" photo images. Dr. Jane N. Geiger and the design team desire for you to be blessed, so fully, until your "cup runneth over" with overflowing grace and refreshment. Alicia's work in cover design is an exercise in grace and ease. She drives the team to keep the exterior design project moving efficiently while maintaining alignment with the interior message of the written work.